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Photographs: Dr. Jack A. Tobin (except where otherwise noted on individual slide records)
Original photo captioning: Dr. Jack A. Tobin (caption text that appears in brackets has been posthumously added to the online collection by library staff, and does not appear in the the physical collection itself)
Graphic design, meta-data editing and site maintenance: Stu Dawrs, Pacific Specialist Librarian, Hamilton Library
Scanning, Glossary construction, data entry and meta-data editing: Alan Vandermyden, Pacific Collection graduate student assistant, Hamilton Library
Scanning and data entry: Savannah White, Pacific Collection undergraduate student assistant, Hamilton Library

The images in this collection are part of a larger set of research materials that was donated in 2010 by Dr. Jack A. Tobin to the University of Hawaii-Manoa Library's Pacific Collection. In the physical collection, these slides are stored in acid free folders using the same file names and arrangement that Dr. Tobin originally used. In the online collection, these file names are provided in the "Collection" field, in order to document the image location within the physical collection. In many cases, Dr. Tobin had mis-filed photographs (so that, for instance, a file folder that was labeled "Marshall Islands" might also include images from Palau, Mexico, Japan or elsewhere.) In the interest of preserving Dr. Tobin's original arrangement, no photos have been re-filed in the physical collection. However, when possible, correct geographic identifications have been included in the online collection, in the "Place," "Category" or "Notes" fields.

In general, captions that appear directly above images in the online collection were written on the images by Dr. Tobin prior to their donation. Several photos, shot by the U.S. Navy, included captions meant for press releases. These captions have been used in the online collection, with their source identified in the "Notes" field. All spellings are preserved as written. In cases where Library staff had made amendments or additions to these captions, the text appears in brackets [].

The Online Reference Numbers and Physical Image Numbers were both added by Library staff after the photographs' donation to the Pacific Collection. The Online Reference Numbers and Physical Image Numbers do not correlate, owing to the fact that not all photos in the physical collection have been scanned. (See "Scanning Protocols" below.)

In addition to the photos taken by Dr. Tobin, the physical collection includes numerous photos taken by U.S. government agencies, as identified in the "Photographer" field of the online collection. In some cases, the photographer is not known.

A variety of spelling conventions have been employed over the last fifty-plus years when referring to the islands of Micronesia. For the purposes of this site, name spellings were guided by the following principles:
1) For captioning created by Dr. Tobin, original name spellings (i.e., as they were used during the Trust Territory era) have been preserved as they appear in the physical collection.
2) For all areas where new descriptive text has been created specifically for this site -- specifically the "place," "category," "collection," and "notes" fields -- currently accepted spelling conventions have been used.
3) While we recognize that alternate spellings exist, for the purposes of this site the following text was used as the naming authority:
Motteler, Lee S. Pacific Island names: a map and name guide to the new Pacific. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 2006 (For complete bibliographic information click here.)
4) Whenever possible, where alternate spellings exist we have included them in the site's online glossary. The naming authority consulted for these alternate spellings is a map published by the UH-Manoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies, which can be accessed online by clicking here. (PDF viewer required.)
For other Marshallese words, we have used as our reference text the Marshallese-English Online Dictionary, which is a revised and updated version of Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender, Alfred Capelle, and Tony DeBrum's Marshallese-English Dictionary, published by University of Hawaii Press in 1976.

No photographs in this collection have been digitally manipulated.