Peter Moon was born on the island of Oahu to Wook and Shay-Yung Moon. He played as a Maile Serenader with Gabby "Pops" Pahinui in the 1960s. Moon was a founding member of the Sunday Manoa, along with Palani Vaughn, Alfred "Baby" Kalima, and Cyril Pahinui (one of Gabby's sons). After Vaughan and Cyril left the group, Moon released another album (Hawaiian Time) with Alfred and another of Gabby's sons named Bla. After this however, Moon remained the only member and recruited the very young Robert and Roland Cazimero. In 1969, their first album, Guava Jam was released and was seen as the spark of the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance. Two more albums were released, but personal conflicts within the group led to their eventual breakup. Moon, did not return to regular performing until 1979, when his new group, The Peter Moon Band, released Tropical Storm, which garnered four Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. In 1983 Moon released Cane Fire, which earned six Na Hoku Hanohano awards; Moon earned a seventh with a Sunday Manoa anthology album. The band was extremely popular, with a stylistic range that ran from Hawaiian to reggae to samba, jazz, and swing. Throughout the 1980s, The Peter Moon Band remained a staple of the Hawaiian music scene.
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