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The Digital Archive Collections at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library include historical and cultural material in digital form, made accessible via the World Wide Web.

The Streetprint Engine began in 2002 when a collection of British street literature needed an online home, a place where students and researchers could interact with these fragile texts as though they were sitting down with the original artifacts. In search of a solution, the team in the Humanities Computing Studio of the University of Alberta developed Streetprint: open source software that gives researchers and collectors easy-to-use tools to create digital archives and share them on the web. The University of Hawaii at Manoa Libraries has been using Streetprint since 2005 and is continuing to update and enhance the program code.

A complete list all digital collections including those using the Streetprint software is included in our research collections list.

Collection Descriptions

Aloha Hawaii Scrapbook    A collection of black and white photographs of scenic sites and identifiable landmarks in Hawaii, programs, tickets, etc. Scrapbook was compiled by Norma Stewart circa. 1935. It was acquired by or donated to the University of Hawaii Library Hawaiian Collection.

Anatomy of the Pineapple    Research materials on the anatomy of the pineapple, Ananas cosmosus. Original research files from Beatrice R. Krauss.

Creating Siapo: American Samoa 1967    A collection of eighteen 35mm slides, shot by Joan Griffis in 1967. The slides were donated by Ms. Griffis to the University of Hawaii-Manoa Library's Pacific Collection in 2009. The eighteen slides in this online collection depict the process of making siapo, as bark-cloth is known in Samoa. The slides were donated by Ms. Griffis to the Pacific Collection in 2009, in conjunction with another major gift to the University of Hawaii Library: A full-size siapo piece made by Mary Pritchard, one of world's preeminent makers of traditional bark-cloth, and the person most often credited for reviving the nearly lost art in Samoa.

Dakin Fire Insurance Maps: Honolulu (1891, 1899, 1906)    Fire insurance maps of Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands surveyed for the Board of Fire Underwriters of Honolulu. M.D. Monsarrat and Alfred Richard Gurrey, survey inspectors.

Douglas Oliver Collection     This collection of 35mm slides were donated to the Pacific Collection in 2009. The majority of the images are from between 1938 and 1939 when Dr. Oliver as a research associate on the staff of the Harvard Peabody Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology conducted research on the island of Bougainville, among the Siwai (a.k.a. Siuai) people.

Fitzharris Hawaii Photo Album     was donated by the Margaret S. Fitzharris Trust, Mount Dora, Florida. The photographs appear to date from the early 1900's and may have been collected by Will and Ella Skinner (who may be "Mr. William E. Skinner, bookkeeper for the Hawaiian Electric Co. and Miss Eleanor M. Caywood lately of Somerset Ohio")

Filipino Workers in Hawaii, 1926    "Photographs in Connection with the Investigation of Working Conditions of Filipino Laborers on Hawaiian Sugar Plantations, 1926," by Lt. Colonel Robert A. Duckworth-Ford; collection is from Alex Ford of California; titles taken from typed captions on each photograph.

Gandhi Photos, Press Info. Bureau, Gov't of India    contains 27 photographic images of and related to Mohandas Gandhi.

George Grace Linguistic Research and Slides of Melanesia     contains the complete set of photographs, field notes and other papers related to Pacific anthropological research and production of a classification of the Austronesian languages of Oceania, donated in 2007 by Dr. George Grace, professor emeritus in Linguistics at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.

Hawaii Lantern Slides &n bsp;  Glass slides of landscapes, landmarks, people and occupations in Hawaii circa 1910-1940. Various phot ographers.

Hawaii 1929-30 : my first trip to Hawaii    Scrapbook containing photographs taken in Hawaii by Hazel Williams Gill between June 8, 1929 and June 21, 1930. Also contains other memorabilia of her Los Angeles-Hawaii round-trip.

Hawai'i War Records - U.S. Army Signal Corps Photographs    includes 880 photographs taken by the U.S. Army Signal Corps and the U.S. Navy between 1941 and 1946. They depict Army and Navy activities in Hawaii and illustrate the military's relationship with Hawaii's civilian population.

Hawaiian Kalo Varieties    A collection of images based on the slide images and research material produced and gathered by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond in 1983. The original material consists of a 3-ring binder of slides and text titled A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties at Lyon Arboretum with descriptions from Taro Varieties in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Music Collection    includes the collection of Dirk Vogel containing 6,000 78s, 2,650 LPs, 900 45s and thousands of other items and 2,533 Hawaiian music recordings from the estate of James Grant Cathro of Glasgow, Scotlnd consisting of a collection of 2,056 phonodiscs (33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM speeds); 236 cassettes and various other recordings primarily of steel guitar music. This site is intended to show the possibilities for presenting sound, sheet music, images, and text of lyrics in an online searchable database.

Hawaiian & Pacific Photographic Negatives    A substantial collection of large-format photographic negatives created as a result of requests for publication quality reproductions of book illustrations housed in our rare collection. These include plates from the 18th/19th century voyaging accounts, images of war canoes, etc.

Hawaiian Photo Album    The Hawaiian collection contains a number of photograph albums and miscellaneous collections of photos. Most are incompletely identified however the images are of historical and research interest. Scanning of the images is underway as of spring 2007.

Henry Warner's Hawaii Photo Album - 1932-1943    This album/scrapbook was compiled by Henry Warner while he served in the US Army at Schofield Barracks in what was then the Territory of Hawaii. Digital images of the album and commentary about the pictures were provided by his son, Gary.

Ilocandia: a Visual Experience of Ilocos Sur   Fifteen photos from an exhibition in celebration of Filipino-American History Month in October 2013 donated by David Chan Leprozo, Jr.

Images of Okinawa after World War II    are color slides donated by Ms. Madeleine K. Van Epps, plus black & white photos taken by the United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands (USCAR).The color slides were taken between 1945 and 1946 by Dr. Donald H. Kupfer, the donor's father who was a Navy officer at the time stationed in Okinawa.

India Post-Independence (1947-1959) Photo Collection   a collection of 36 photographs taken from the moment of Indian independence in 1947 through 1959. Some of the photographs were issued by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of the Government of India, some by the United States Information Service (USIS), and some by Life Magazine photographers.

Jack Tobin Collection    Jack Tobin (1920-2010) first went to the Marshall Islands in 1950 to study the needs of atoll dwellers with limited resources and growing populations. Dr. Tobin extensively documented his time in Micronesia, both in written and photographic form. These images include not only the Marshalls, but also various atolls and islands throughout what was then the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

Japanese Commercial Graphic Design     contains images of graphic designs used in Japanese advertisements during the 1920s. The images were published in 1928 as supplements to the publication, Shoten zuan senshu (advertisement designs) by the now-defunct Shotenkai.

Leslie Sheraton Slides of Hawaii     Images of "tourist travel" to and in Hawaii from 1956 and the early 1970s taken by Leslie Sheraton, described as "an avid photographer". The slides were donated to the Hawaiian Collection at th e University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2012.

Lian Huan Hua Chinese Picture Story Books     Lian Huan Hua literarily means "linked serial pictures." They are pocket sized picture-story books first published by a Shanghai publisher in the 1920s. Lian huan hua is also commonly known as Xiao ren shu, children's book for their simplicity and heraldic subjects. In the early 1920s, lian huan hua first appeared mainly as adaptations of Jingju (Peking Opera) and Chinese literary classics. The pictures were created mostly in line drawings, sketches, and oil-wash painting. After the People's Republic of China (PRC) was founded in 1949, lain huan hua became an extremely popular art form and was used to popularize new government policies and regulations. From 1951 to 1956, more than 10,000 titles, and approximately 26 billion copies were published in China.

Magic Lantern Slides Collection from Japan    Produced in the late 1800's and early 1900's; some were exhibited in the Treasures from the Library show in 2005. The slides were donated by the grandchildren of Reverend Takie Okumura, a local spiritual leader and founder of Makiki Christian Church, established 1904, as well as the Okumura Boys and Girls Home (originally called Okumura's Christian Home) established in 1901.

Maps: flood-damaged items restored by Preservation    A sample of items damaged in the 2004 flood, restored by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Preservation Department.

Margo Duggan Collection: Slides of Micronesia and Hawai'i, 1949-1954    Margo Duggan served in the United States Marine Corps in World War II, from 1943 through 1945. In late 1949 she began work as a civilian employee of the United States Trust Territories Administration. Between 1949 and 1954, she worked on or visited a number of locations in the Marshall, Mariana, and Caroline Islands, as well as in Hawai'i. Her photographs document an important moment in the history of Micronesia, as the various island nations emerged from the life and death struggles of World War II and began the process of redefining their political status.

Nuclear Diaspora: Bikini and Enewetak      The United States conducted more than eighty nuclear weapons tests on and around Bikini and Enewetak Atolls (Marshall Islands) between 1946 and 1958. The 878 images in this collection span the years from 1946-1988, and document the lives of Bikini and Enewetak islanders after they were relocated from their home islands as a result of these tests. The images derive from the anthropological fieldwork of Dr. Leonard "Leni" Mason and Dr. Robert Kiste, both of whom served as longtime faculty members at the University of Hawaii-Manoa prior to their retirement from fulltime teaching (Mason in 1969 and Kiste in 2002).

Plants for Hawaiian lei    Images scanned from slides of flowers, seeds, leaves, plants used in making Hawaiian lei. Follows the format of Hawaiian lei    Images scanned from slides of flowers, seeds, leaves, plants used in making Hawaiian lei. Follows the format of the 2002 publication Growing plants for Hawaiian lei by the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

Rapanui: the Edmunds/Bryan Photograph Collection, 1904-1929    Henry P. Edmunds and William A. Bryan were both photographers who shared the experience of Rapanui, or Easter Island, during the early 1900s. Both of them took remarkable photographs documenting Rapanui's archaeological wonders and everyday life, and some of these fascinating images are presented here.

Russian Posters    Collection of propaganda posters produced by the Soviet government during the Cold War period - roughly the end of World War II until around 1984. Socialist realism art and utopian images of life in the Soviet Union dominate.

Save Our Surf (SOS)     a collection of unpublished material from the SOS organization begun by John Kelly, including posters, flyers, articles, petitions, etc. SOS was an environmental, social, political, and cultural association that contributed to the contemporary Hawaiian Sovereignty movement.

Shackford Collection of photographs of China     These photographs were taken during the late 1920s and early 1930s by William Shackford during his travels and tenure as an English teacher in southern China.

Social Movements Collection    Pamphlets, brochures, and periodicals about the labor movement in the United States as well as global radical political movements, including anarchism, communism, and fascism. Acquired from Eugene Bechtold, a bookseller and former instructor at the Chicago Worker’s School; the collection also includes items from the collection of John Reineke.

South Asia: 19th Century and Earlier Imprints    The South Asia collection actively works to make its holdings digitally accessible. This project begins to collect all the materials in Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that fit the description South Asia: 19th Century and Earlier Imprints.

South East Asia Posters    This website was created in late 2006 and is dedicated to digitizing posters from countries in the South East Asia region.

Steve Thomas Traditional Micronesian Navigation Collection    is comprised of unpublished papers, audiovisual and photographic materials (including oral history transcripts and 35mm slides), publications and miscellaneous items related primarily to traditional navigation on the island of Satawal Island, Yap. 1866 color slides have been digitized.

Treasures from the Library    contains images of objects originally displayed in a 2005 exhibition displayed at the UH Art Gallery and text describing the history and significance of the objects prepared by subject specialist librarians.

Trust Territory Photo Archives     The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands included the Micronesian archipelagoes of the Marshalls, Carolines and Marianas during the U.S. administrative period from 1947 to 1994. The archive contains over 52,000 photographs and visually document nearly 50 years of the U.S. administration's programs in education, health, political and economic development.

Trust Territory Survey Maps    Scans from a collection of about 1,700 survey maps on microfiche. Many of the fiche are also surveyors notes (longitude/latitude etc.) that don't have an attached map with them. Surveyor notes and other related documents are found in eVols Land Maps of Trust Territory Districts and Government Structural Drawings.

War in the Pacific     Images are from several distinct art and photograph collections held in the Pacific Collection; cover several geographic regions and time periods to document several different facets of war in the Pacific, from the brutal and the tragic to the mundane day-to-day existence of life in a war zone.

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