Treasures from the Library are located in all collections. This site includes examples from the:
• Asia Collection
- China
- Japan
- Korea
- Russia
- South Asia
- Southeast Asia
• Charlot Collection
• Hawai'i War Records Depository
• Hawaiian Collection
• Manuscripts
• Maps
• Pacific Collection
• University Archives

This site contains images of objects originally displayed in a 2005 exhibition at the UH Art Gallery

A 163-page catalog Making connections : treasures from the University of Hawai'i Library was published for the exhibition. Some print copies are available for purchase from the University of Hawaiʻi Library. Contact Teri Skillman, Events & Communications Coordinator.
Full text of the item descriptions are available for download from Scholarspace, the Library's institutional repository.


  • Total treasures in database: 174
  • Total images in database: 691