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47th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Brezhnev, L. I.

4th annual reference catalog, 1954 folklore at Larson's.
Larson's [Rare Books & Periodicals]

5 of the latest and other good books for workers
Daily Worker Publishing Company


50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1903-1953.
TSK KPSS. Otdel propagandy i agitatsii.

5th column in Mexico
Toledano, Vincente Lombardo

700 millions for peace and democracy.

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8 million demand freedom! What about it, Gen. Smuts?
Tabata, I. B.

A B C of Communism.
Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich, 1888-1938

A. F. of L. and one world of labor.
Ward, Courtney

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A. F. of L. fights bigotry!
Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.)

A.I. Herzen; great Russian thinker and revolutionary democrat.
Teryaev, G. V. (Grigorii Vasil’evich)

ABC des Kommunismus
Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich, 1888-1938

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