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5th column in Mexico
Toledano, Vincente Lombardo

After Munich: the united front of the international proletariat and of the peoples against fascism.
Dimitrov, Georgi, 1882-1949

Anna Seghers, Constancia de la Mora tell the story of the Joint anti-fascist refugee committee.
Seghers, Anna, 1900-1983

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Behind the dictators
Lehmann, L. H. (Leo Herbert), 1895-1976

Black mail
Hoke, Henry, b. 1894

Der Italienische Faschismus als internationales problem.
Martini, F.

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Destroy Hitlerism.
Weiss, Max

Fascism in the United States.
Patton, Kenneth L. (Kenneth Leo), 1911-1994

Fascism Inside England
Mullally, Frederic

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Fascism, the danger of war and the tasks of the communist parties: report.
Kuusinen, O. W. (Otto Wille), 1881-1964

Fascism: What It Is, How to Fight It
Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940

Fascist menace in the USA.
Minton, Bruce, 1906-1955

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