In 2002, the library acquired the Hawaiian music collection of Dirk Vogel, who had been collecting Hawaiian music since the 1920s. The collection contains 6,000 78s, 2,650 LPs, 900 45s and thousands of other items.

Also in 2002, the library received a bequest of 2,533 Hawaiian music recordings from the estate of James Grant Cathro of Glasgow, Scotland, who died in 1999. Mr. Cathro collected the recordings, with special interest in steel guitar music, over the course of many years. This collection contains 2,056 phonodiscs (33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM speeds); 236 cassettes and various other recordings.

This site is intended to show the possibilities for presenting sound, sheet music, images, and text of lyrics in an online searchable database.

The information about the songs and artists is gleaned mainly from the record labels. The Hawaiian Music Collection is not responsible for any mis-attributions or inaccuracies.

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