U.S. Army Signal Corps and U.S. Navy photographs in the Hawaii War Records Depository were digitized by staff in the Archives & Manuscripts Department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library. Technical support was provided by the Library's Desktop Network Services Department.

All digitization standards used in this project are based upon nationally accepted guidelines. The images, which are all black and white prints, were digitized using a flatbed scanner.

An uncompressed TIFF file was created for each image to serve as the digital preservation master file, with a resolution of 600 dpi and a bit depth of 8 bits. A JPEG access image was derived from each master image and optimized for screen display at 75 dpi and 600 pixels in length on the longest side. A thumbnail was then created at 75 dpi and 200 pixels in length on the longest side.

A metadata record based on the Dublin Core metadata standard was created for each image and entered into the Streetprint database. Descriptive information for each image was derived from the image�s caption. The names of people, military units and locations were standardized to facilitate searching.